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We provide a variety of commercial and residential real estate appraisal services in Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka, Emporia and surrounding areas. In addition to commercial, lending, divorce/estate and pre-listing appraisals we also do appraisals for tax appeal, and litigation/expert witness situations. See our complete list of services at the bottom of this page. You can also learn how to prepare for an appraisal.   An appraisal can save you time and money - find out how.

Pre-Listing Appraisals


It's very hard to be objective about your own home  or property because of your emotional attachment to it. A Professional Appraiser is objective and will tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear. In addition to helping you set a realistic selling price so your property will attract buyers, a professional appraisal is very valuable as a negotiating tool once you have a potential buyer.



Divorce Appraisals


Involved in a divorce? Veritas Appraisals and Consulting, LLC has the expertise for these matters. A divorce appraisal needs a well-supported, professional report that will hold up during a trial. When you order an appraisal from Veritas Appraisals and Consulting, LLC, you are assured the best in service with courtesy and well-supported conclusions as well as staff with trial experience. Working through the sensitive conditions of a divorce or estate situation is not a problem for us.  



Lending Appraisals

Are you a lender or appraisal management company? Veritas Appraisals and Consulting, LLC can meet your needs with quick turnaround times and accurate, compliant appraisals for a variety of lending purposes (purchases, refinance, REO, consulting). We are on the approved list of many major lenders as well as the FHA, USDA and VA appraiser rosters. Contact our staff for any documentation needed for panel approval.


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Additional Services we provide (click topic for additional info):


  • PMI Removal Appraisals

  • Property measurement services

  • Specialized consulting


Additional Services
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