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Tax Appeal Appraisals


Get an independent, professional appraisal to determine if your property tax assessment is fair.

Concerned that the county valuation of your home, land or commercial building does not represent market value? We can prepare an independent, third-party appraisal of your property for use in a tax appeal.

At Veritas Appraisals and Consulting, LLC we have the expertise needed to ensure a tax appeal appraisal complies with the requirements for this situation (which is different than an appraisal you may have from your bank for a mortgage).

Our appraisals can be provided as evidence in an appeal hearing, relieving you of the burden to provide this information on your own and giving you credible evidence from experts. We have experience with a wide variety of residential, commercial and land types as well as experience testifying at hearings if necessary.


See our contact information to discuss your needs.

You can also request a fee quote and we will get back to you promptly.

Ready to proceed? 


NOTE: As state-certified appraisers we cannot guarantee the outcome of any appraisal prepared for a tax appeal or that the value would be above, below or the same as the county valuation. Our appraisals are prepared in an ethical and unbiased manner and our fee is based on the services provided, not the outcome of the appraisal.

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