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COVID-19 Policy

Real estate appraisers (not to be confused with real estate agents) are considered to be within the "financial institutions" category of most federal and state laws and thus are part of "essential businesses" that are to remain open. Due to this, our firm will continue to operate to provide real estate appraisal services during any current or future national or local temporary "closure" or "stay at home" orders and are legally allowed to do so. 

All our staff and independent contractors, however, have been and will continue to take additional precautions including wearing gloves (where appropriate), facemasks (if requested), use of hand sanitizer, sanitizing equipment (tablets, etc.) after EACH property visit and other measures (appraising without occupants in the property, etc.) as necessary for the situation during interior inspections/observation/on-site visits of properties. We also ask that, where possible, you keep your distance from the appraiser while he/she is at your property and secure any pets during the visit. These steps are what are currently recommended by the national appraisal professional organizations we are members of and may change as the situation changes nationally and locally.

For the safety of our staff/contractors, we ask that you inform us via phone or e-mail ahead of time if any occupant of the property to be appraised has been experiencing any specific symptoms of COVID-19 or had contact with a COVID-19 patient in the past 14 days. Similarly, no member of our staff or independent contractors will visit a property if they are experiencing similar symptoms or had any similar contact.

If you have any specific concerns or requests regarding our visit to your property as it relates to the COVID-19 situation, please contact us ahead of time at 866-895-9046 or 

The information in this notice may change from time to time as the pandemic situation changes. 

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